Reflection on: Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane was not as good as I expected, however, I kind of saw that coming.  How can you live up to the expectations of being the greatest film of all time, especially to someone who has seen thousands.  To say it wasn’t good would be an offense to filmmakers everywhere so, off a first time viewing I’d probably give it a B-B+, which is pretty high.

I certainly see the possibility as well, that over time, and with some more viewings, I could really come to love this film.  It’s tough to grasp everything from a first time viewing.

My favorite aspect of the film was how it played off current time and told the story of someone’s life throughout the movie.  I feel like these types of sequences is what can make a movie great and truly expose a great actor in a part.  In this case, Orson Welles takes on Kane (or Hearst, however you want to look at it) and does a magnificent job of portraying him not only in his younger years but his older ones as well.

If this film was to be written today, as an agent I think i would only have to hear the premise to be instantly intrigued for one of my bigger clients.  The range that this film offers to its main star is something that is priceless.  Which brings me to wonder, what if this film had been written today, would it have even found its way to the big screen?  The heart in me wants to think yes, but the mind is saying doubtful.  To think of all those original scripts that float around Hollywood and are never made due to the money making minds of studios.

A little about me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam Bethon, I am a senior and a major film buff.  A little about me so you can see the perspective I will give on films throughout this semester.  I am studying film and media as majors with a minor in business and upon graduation plan to become a talent agent.

I have already worked in 3 different agencies and after graduating in May will move to L.A. where, through connections, I will hopefully be able to skip the mailroom and land as an assistant to an agent (which is the first step to becoming an agent).   Although many agents simply take the job because they are business majors or lawyers, I am doing so because I love film and want to help actors in shaping their careers and picking projects that not only mean a lot to them personally but will help them come across as powerful actors to the audience.

I like all kinds of films, with my favorite genre being psychological thrillers.  I love old movies, new movies, foreign films, romantic comedys, horrors, pretty much anything that can grasp attention I will give a chance.  My favorite directors are Scorsese, Tarantino, Hitchcock, Chris Nolan, David Fincher, Coppola, honestly the list goes on and on, (just to note, after Gone Baby Gone and The Town I think Ben Affleck really has a shot at being one of the next great directors).

I view films in a few different ways, the first is depth.  Sometimes I feel like films are made that contain much depth and are hard for the general public to enjoy due to the listening and understanding aspects.  Films like these can be great for actors and actresses (of course if they are done well) because they can display range and show critics and other film connoisseurs that they can handle such a role.

The second is enjoyability.  As an agent, you want to have some of your clients star in those popcorn blockbusters that pack theaters and bring in the money.  Of course films like these, more often than not, are bad films and use lots of special effects and action packed sequences along with actors who are hot to put buts in the seats.  However, I often enjoy many of these films as well because they are such a large part of the business and although not heavy in depth, are fun to sit through.  Movies like Saw, Transformers etc, are not exactly going to score well on Metacritic, but bring people to the theaters and are usually interesting enough to be worth seeing.

Nowadays, especially since the recession we see many of these enjoyable, popcorn movies because that is what sells.  Original ideas are hard to produce as people are often nervous and films like Inception seem like a phenomenon when they make money.  Anyways, I hope this gives you a small idea of how I look at and judge movies, which to sum up in a sentence is, whether or not it will be good enough to bring credibility to an actor or actress that I could potentially represent in the future.

Feel free to comment or ask questions and I look forward to a semester of learning more about my passion!


Adam B.

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