Reflection On: Pather Panchali – Song of the Little Road

I felt that this film was comparable to Ozu’s “Early Summer.”  It focused on the little things in life rather than a bigger, and dare I say, more interesting plot line.  I do realize that this “Apu Trilogy” has become one of the most significant pieces of film culture to come from India, however I felt it lacked a true “Bollywood” feel.

Some of the things that were missing from this, in which I feel are the most attractive aspects of “Bollywood” were the colors (mainly due to the B&W) and the song/dance routines that are often featured.  Bollywood may sound like Hollywood but in reality the typical films from each have incredible differences.  The mainstreamed Hollywood films have become plots that can create attractive trailers and are mostly skin deep.  Very rarely do we see a Hollywood styled film that tackles ideals of such depth.  However, I have found that with many of the Bollywood films I watch, that they generally have incredibly complex storylines.  In addition, the films generally run around 3-4 hours and contain choreographed dances along with original songs and exuberant colors.

“Pather Panchali” did not embrace enough of these to feed “Bollywood” hunger as it really only delved into the complex storyline part.  In my opinion, Bollywood has so much more than regular films.  You can almost taste the culture by watching the typical films they create.

Reflection: Written on the Wind

Honestly, I sat here for about an hour and wrote 2 paragraphs about Written on the Wind.  I then erased the whole thing because I hated what I wrote and it just seemed so scripted or “essayish.”  No one on here wants to read a boring essay.

So I decided to just state my bluntly honest opinion about Sirk and the film that we watched.  In my opinion, Sirk’s films are quite captivating, and it’s also nice to have watched something in color 😉 .  I feel that his usage of color is somewhat over the top as are the personalities of the characters that he depicts throughout the story.  I’ve seen a few Sirk films and they all seem to be very similar, not only in the makeup of the mise-en-scene but in the intended messages as well.

In today’s society I think some of his films would be absolute failures and I think other’s would be successes.  I do believe that if Written on the Wind was made today it would be able to hold up and compete at the box office because it contains so many characters that have such strong and attractive personalities.

Anyways, I’m not much for writing today as for some reason my allergies are going insane and I can’t stop sneezing.  But I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on this film!


Adam B.

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