Reflection On: La Jetee

Posted on December 8, 2010 
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I know I’m a little late to the party here.  I was absent on the day we watched this film in class so I caught it on my own and man did I love it.  First off, I can’t stand long movies so this was right down my ally, 28  minutes and right to the point.  The film was also extremely captivating in its montage style and the plotline was surprisingly awesome.

I can honestly say that I have never seen a film that is quite like this one and this is the type of so-called “experimental” films I believe to be relevant.  The montage style that director Chris Marker used almost reminded me of a graphic novel in story form.  I think that if you had printed out all those images and taken the blurbs the narrator was saying that you could have had one great comic.

One of the most interesting things I think this film proved is the fact that any type of film can be entertaining with the proper story.  At first glance many people would likely not even give “La Jetee” a chance due to the difference in style.  However, once given a chance, the story provides quite an apocalyptic psychological thriller.

It reminded me of a comic book version of the film 12 Monkeys with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.  All in all, a wonderful film experience that exceeded the original expectations that I had set for it.  Have to keep reminding myself not to judge a film before I see it!



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    Reflection On: La Jetee : Film Eyes

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